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Knocknahay Productions Presents


Written by Aoibheann McCann & Andi Ipaktchi

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#1 Irish comedy fiction podcast series.

Six 20-minute audio episodes.

Another Painful Irish Family History

🍀 KNOCKNAHAY, IRELAND-- Shannon, a flighty Irish-American textile artist meets up with her Irish poet cousin Brigit for an artistic collaboration meant to celebrate their DNA. Brigit hopes to rekindle Shannon's latent Celtic fire using her Druidic healing powers. Their arts residency is a creative paradise, buzzing with artists, writers, poets and staff. But the big house is in dire need of repairs. Shannon makes some unwise choices when a thwarted heiress offers corporate financing and a world class exhibition in exchange for audio diaries detailing her creative processes.  

Who would support something like this?

People like our generous sponsors and maybe you. We're building our listener base. Please share with your friends and review. Become a patron of the arts and please join us at for only 1 euro a month to produce Season 2, live events and spin-offs.

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